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Enjoy the convenience of your both your dental and orthodontic care being in the same location—complete care under one roof. The most common need for orthodontic treatment is crooked teeth that need to be aligned, or teeth that don’t fit in your mouth. Dr. Endres offers:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Invisalign Clear Brace
  • Jaw repositioning appliances
  • Removable retainers
  • Headgear

If you have misaligned teeth, spacing or crowding issues, tired or sore jaws or participate in high-impact sports, we have orthodontic options for you.


Treatment Options


To create a nightguard, we take a mold of your teeth. We use this mold to create your guard. You can use your nightguard nightly to help improve symptoms of TMJ/TMD.


Mouthguards for Sports

Like nightguards, we use molds of your teeth to create professional guards that protect your teeth from impacts. Use your mouthguard during each practice and at every game.


Invisalign® Clear Braces

Invisalign® clear braces are custom-made teeth aligners. With Invisalign you can have straighter teeth and get the smile you’ve always wanted without having other people know you have braces.



We are also proud to offer state-of-the-art digital impression services to our patients using iTero®! With the iTero system we can take digital impressions of your smile and have a 3D rendering of your teeth in no time, without using elastic putty.


PROPEL Orthodontics

PROPEL works with Invisalign® braces to speed up treatment. PROPEL can help move your teeth to the position you want up to 70% faster than Invisalign® braces alone. Most dental insurance plans cover the additional (minimal) costs. Bonus: When you complete Invisalign® treatment, we will whiten your teeth with KöR Whitening for free!


How Much Does Invisalign® Treatment Cost?

We are happy to provide our patients a beautiful, straight smile with interest-free financing Care Credit. Ask us for more information about financing.


Metal Braces

Metal braces are made of stainless steel or nickel-titanium and are the most popular orthodontic aligner. They are effective in treating crooked teeth, misaligned bite and jaw issues and extreme overcrowding. Today’s metal braces are smaller and more comfortable than in the past and are a great way to fix crooked teeth. Some other benefits of metal braces include:


Cost Effective
Metal braces tend to be the most cost effective of all aligners.


Ideal For Teens And Adults
Braces work once all of your adult teeth have come in.


Metal braces are now much more comfortable than they were in the past.


Color Options
The rubber bands come in a fun variety of colors. Wear them clear or match your rubber bands to your favorite sports team.

Free New Patient Appointments

Your new patient consultation is completely free. Your complimentary visit will give you a chance to get to know Dr. Endres and find out more about dental and aesthetic options. Call 513-791-8880 to schedule an appointment or ask questions.


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