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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are artificial tooth roots that secure a single tooth prosthetic, dental crown and bridge. This surgical procedure involves implanting titanium posts in place of your normal teeth roots. Once placed, it’s a simple process to complete your teeth implants. We will prepare your treatment plan and work closely with two carefully selected oral surgeons to provide you with the best outcomes.


Benefits of Dental Implants

Eat Easier

When your dentures are supported by implants, they won’t slip and slide when you eat. Secured dentures prevent the discomfort sometimes associated with removable dentures and help you eat with confidence.


Be Understood

Loose dentures or missing teeth can cause you to slur or mumble when you talk. With implants, your speech can improve.


Long Lasting

With proper care, implants can last many years, and so will your smile!


Improved Oral Health

Implant-supported crowns and bridges can reduce damage caused to neighboring teeth, unlike tooth-supported prosthetics.


Improved Self Esteem

You may smile easier knowing your teeth are supported. A great smile can improve your appearance, which can also boost your self-esteem.


Crown, Bridge or Denture

Our team can create and secure the prosthetic to your new implant once it’s healed. Ask about our same-day crowns!



Our team has the experience to restore your implants if you need of a new crown, bridge or denture.

Free New Patient Appointments

Your new patient consultation is completely free. Your complimentary visit will give you a chance to get to know Dr. Endres and find out more about dental and aesthetic options. Call 513-791-8880 to schedule an appointment or ask questions.


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