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Dentists have years of experience administering facial injections. You might be surprised to learn that as a dentist, Dr. Endres is qualified to perform facial aesthetics. All dental professionals have performed many facial injections—from administering local anesthesia to injections in various parts of the mouth and face. You can expect dentists to have thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and a long history of successful facial injections.


BOTOX® can improve the overall appearance of your face after other cosmetic dental work or we can use it as a stand-alone treatment. With BOTOX® Cosmetic, the most popular, FDA-approved injectable, Dr. Endres can soften the look of wrinkles and facial lines by temporarily relaxing the muscle that causes the wrinkle.


BOTOX® is most commonly used on forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines and the horizontal lines between the eyebrows. Results can last for three to six months and treatment takes just minutes. The amount of BOTOX® you need is unique to you and will be determined during your initial consultation. Dr. Endres will work with you to develop a customized injectable plan to suit your goals and desired outcome.


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